The Fifth China National Critical Ultrasonography Congress & Training Month is coming!

     The Fifth National Critical

   Ultrasonography Congress & Training Month


Dear Colleagues

The Fifth National Critical Ultrasonography Congress and CCUSG - Training Month will be held from August 22 to September 20, 2020 in a combination of online and offline modality, sponsored by the Beijing Institute of Critical Ultrasound (CCUSG@Beijing), co-organized by the Critical Ultrasound Study Group (CCUSG) and Yidi Company, and organized by the Department of Critical Care Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Medical University. For the first time, National Critical Ultrasonography Congress will be held as a Webinar / virtual conference, on September 19-20. Moreover, online and offline critical ultrasonography training courses will be launched in many cities within one month before the Congress. The overall academic activities bring together experts in the field of critical ultrasonography, and gathers and global critical care experts and multi-professional practitioners to conduct academic communications and discussions on recent developments and hot topics both in critical care medicine and critical ultrasonography.

The Fifth National Critical Ultrasonography Congress (September 19-20, online), which theme is "Fusion, Rooting and Globalization", will present the latest development of critical ultrasonography. In order to further deepen and strengthen the understanding and application of critical ultrasonography by the majority of participants, the conference will invite many well-known experts in the field of critical care medicine to give special reports to interpret, summarize and prospect the latest developments and clinical applications of critical care and critical ultrasonography. The basic theories of critical ultrasonography and various problems faced by critical care clinical practitioners are explained orientedly. CCUSG - Training Month (August 29-30, September 5-6, September 12-13) will continue to launch a series of excellent training courses, including basic training course , advanced training course, critical ultrasonography and hemodynamic course, critical care trans-esophageal echocardiography course, critical ultrasonography and respiratory critical care course, critical neurological ultrasonography training course, critical digestive ultrasonography training course, critical urinary ultrasonography training course, critical ultrasonography and ECMO training course, critical ultrasonography and procedure training courses, critical ultrasonography and hemodynamic course in critical care pediatrics , critical ultrasonography training course in critical care nursing, critical ultrasonography and major trauma training course, standardization and quality control in critical ultrasonography training courses, etc. ,covering various sub-specialties in critical care medicine, which will meet the needs of paticipants in multi-professional backgrounds.The training course series will be held both online and offline in different cities.

"Enable each ICU practitioner master with critical ultrasonography capability, and develop critical ultrasonography concomitantly with development of critical care medicine " has always been CCUSG's vision and mission. In the process of practice, we pay, we gain, we devote, we prospect, we communicate domestically and globally. We look forward to and welcome the active participation of all colleagues, and work together towards the bright future of critical ultrasonography.



Aug, 10th, 2020